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Social Media Marketing News

Think of Pinterest as a Search Engine for Your Petoskey Michigan Business

Think of Pinterest as a Search Engine

We all love the feeling of having others like and share what we post on Pinterest. For others, Pinterest is an organizational tool. People will pin recipes, vacation destinations, fashion, food and wine, and everything under the sun. They also Pinterest to find out what’s in style or where they can get the hottest deals.READ MORE

Decide Which Social Media Sites Are Right For Your Petoskey Michigan usiness

Decide Which Social Media Sites Are Right For Your Business

You’re probably quite active on your personal social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. These are the most popular social networking sites with millions of people logging on daily.

When it comes to social media for your business, online marketing can be a little more challenging. You have a chance to share your stories with literally millions of people.

How can you choose the right social media sites for your Petoskey Michigan business?READ MORE