Northern Michigan Marketing for any size business. We manage social media, email marketing, social media marketing for events in Petoskey, Michigan.
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Social Media Marketing Petoskey

Northern Michigan Marketing for Any Size Business

If you run a northern Michigan business, you may not have time to manage your social media networks yourself. If you outsource web design and advertising tasks, why not do the same with your social media marketing?

Hiring a professional who stays up on the changes. Our social media agency offers customized management services just for you, we use the expertise we’ve gained over the years, and we know the ins and outs of social media. Hiring an agency is much more affordable than you think with monthly plans that work for your budget.⁣

Hire a social media manager who is passionate about what they do so you can focus on your own passion – running your business!⁣

Creative Marketing for Petoskey Michigan

Creative Marketing

Strategies are designed just for you! We create a social media strategy and marketing calendar based on your goals and industry.

Social Media Posts Northern Michigan

Social Media Posts

Creative, informative, and engaging content is posted on a consistent schedule based on the strategy we create for you.

Optimized Social Media Profiles

Optimized Profiles

Your profile helps with SEO so optimization improves visibility online. We develop a positive social image for your company and brand.

Long or Short Term Social Media Management

Long or Short Term

Hire our social media agency for long term management or short term promotion projects like events and fundraisers.

Instagram for Your Northern Michigan Business

Switch to a Business Profile⁣

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for users and has become a vital part of business marketing.

  • Create a profile for your brand
  • Make contacting your company easy
  • Create and publish ads
  • View analytics and reach of your posts

People don’t follow your brand for glimpses into your personal life. Your followers expect business tips, educational posts, and updates on industry trends. ⁣⁣

Create an Instagram Profile for your Business – it’s free and easy!⁣

Focus on Running Your Petoskey Business

We Manage Social Media For You

In Marketing
Building a Social Media Community

Building a Social Media Community

In Marketing
Social Media on Mobile

Social Media on Mobile

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Social Media Marketing Creative Process

Creative Process

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Social Media for Service Businesses

Is Your Petoskey Business Too Boring for Social Media?

Your service based business needs to be active on the right social channels so your business is top of mind when people need your services. You just have to be more creative when it comes to what you post.

  • Don’t treat social media too much like regular advertising.
  • Create content people find entertaining or educational.
  • Create posts that help people get to know you and your staff better.
  • Share stories that make people laugh.
  • Make DIY or How-To videos.
  • Share valuable articles from industry sources.

Just make sure you post consistently and frequently on social media so your business is top of mind when they need your services!⁣

Don’t always think about promotional content on social media. Think about value in your social media marketing. Ask what your audience wants to hear about from you!

Social Media Marketing News

Recent blog posts for your Petoskey Michigan business

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    Positive Impact of Social Media Marketing

    Social media impacts people’s lives every day. Through social media, we get to meet, connect, and interact with people we might never have otherwise met. Social media makes it easy to support each other, help others, and to communicate in new ways....

Email Marketing for your Northern Michigan Business

Email marketing still has the highest ROI for your marketing channels

Email is still the best communication strategy with the best results. Email marketing still has the highest ROI of all your marketing channels. Start building a list with the names and emails of people who are interested in your business. Per Rand Fishkin:

10 new emails are better that 10,000 new followers on social media.

You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products, share company news, promote an upcoming event, or feature staff members and their accomplishments. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive more qualified traffic to your website. Today’s email clients like MailChimp and Constant Contact make it easy, too!⁣

Think of social networks as search engines. Find and engage with potential customers in real-time on social media channels!⁣

Social Media Management

When you need a marketing agency to manage your social media, we can help! We are marketing experts who can do the work for you and we offer affordable social media management plans that fit your budget.

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Marketing Payment Terms

Payment is due in advance and must be received prior to the first of the month. Payment is confirmation of services to be provided.